The First Choice Of Serious Dart Players, Leagues and Professionals

Do you own / operate a dart or sporting retail store? 


Here is your opportunity to become retail partner for the new Dartmaster3 and future DM3 accessories and products. 


When a person becomes a crowd funding donors they will receive a manufacturers discount coupon which will need to be processed through an authorized retail servicing DM3 dealer in order to obtain their discounted Dartmaster3 Scoreboard.


Only those retailers that become crowd fund donors themselves will become a regional retail establishment and authorized to obtain a purchase discount on Dartmaster3 products for resale.  Retail price guidelines will be strictly enforced.  


Reach out to us now at sales@dartmaster3.com to advise of your for this special opportunity. 


We happily welcome inquiries from prior resellers of Dartmaster3.   



Brick & Mortar Stores Online SalesDistributors

This is an interesting subject and frankly we have not made a decision on this issue.  We will be listening to the input of our brick and mortar partner applicants as well as reviewing this issue with our potential European Distributo (s).

We are accepting inquiries from Darting and/or Sports Distributors for the European Marketplace.  No decisions have been made regarding a location or the number of distributors.  Interested parties must have a significant position in the market with brick and mortar Darting stores to be considered and a substantial inventory investment likely be required.  Please consider this before making an inquiry. 


We are also considering establishing a Distributor for Canada and Mexico.  We are interested in hearing from interested established Darting and/or Sports distributors located in Canada and South America.


Presently our US Model does not include having a distributor for the United States.  However, that being said, nothing is in stone at this time, and if benefits to us can be demonstrated by a significant and established Darting and/or Sports distribution company, we will consider all inquiries and proposals. 


Contact us at:   Sales@dartmaster3.com