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Dartmaster3 has been TAKEN BACK into 100% private ownership.  No more venture capital people telling us what we cannot do!  So, Lets get to WORK!


 YES! absolutely great news for all Dartmaster3 fans because it means that we can now put a workable plan into place to deliver the new Dartmaster3 to YOU!


We are in the process of establishing a crowd funding program to complete the engineering of the new robust DARTMASTER3 and then we will move it into a  manufacturing production phase. 

Over a thousand of you have contacted us over the past couple years asking when you will be able to buy a Dartmaster3.  You want a Dartmaster3 and we want to make them for you.   This is going to happen with your help, and your support as a crowd fund contributor. 


Why is it so important to be a crowd funder for Dartmaster3?  Because we want DM3 to be the solid steel cased and reliable dart scoreboard that you expect.  AND.. we are committed to having the Dartmaster3 be a NON-CHINA MADE PRODUCT. 


We believe that the Dartmaster3 is a truly an international product and thus, it is our intention to acquire all parts and components to make the DM3 from partners and suppliers selected from across the major Dart Playing Countries featuring our good friends across Europe, next door in Canada and here in the USA. 


While parts for the new DM3 will come from Europe and North America, it will be assembled, packaged and shipped from the metro area of New York City, USA.  We will have a distribution partner in Europe as well to provide fast delivery to our good Darting friends 'on the other side of the pond' (we are looking for an established Darting or sports distributor within Europe; if you are interested please email us at sales@dartmaster3.com with your information). 


The New Dartmaster3 will be a true international partnered product for a World's Darting Community.  We promise that you will NEVER SEE "Made In China" on a Dartmaster3; we would rather shut down and burn the design plans before having our product made in China. 

Please help us to move the new Dartmaster3 project forward.  In doing so you will not only be helping to build the greatest, strongest and most versatile Darting Scoreboard the world has ever seen into people's hands but, you will be part of establishing a true 'world community' product that will play a significant role in creating bonds among Darters in every free country of the world. 


Guess What!!!


We have big plans for the new Dartmaster3


Which include:

International IP addresses on every DM3

This will enable you to shoot a game of darts with anyone, anywhere in the world.  It's 1:00 am in Canada and you just got home from working the second shift.  Go ahead, log onto your new Dartmaster3 and shoot a game with someone in a bar in Los Angeles, California USA.  Think you can beat the local town champ that is having a pint at his favorite pub in Ireland, or possibly see a world recognized Dart Shooter logged on a Dartmaster3 in a pub in England... go ahead, shoot a game with them!  You will be able to with the IP addressed version of the New Dartmaster3.


What else is coming?

A large interactive display!   But wait, that is not all... the tournament edition will support remote placed score viewers and blue tooth score display feeds directly to your smart phone (have to return that pint you just drank, you can go to the rest room while still watching the scoring results of the game you are watching.


The NEW DARTMASTER3 is will be loaded with some of the most amazing features and technology advances that have ever been available to the World Darting Community.


YES we are always listening... So, go ahead...  Please tell us what you want to see in the new Dartmaster3.  

NOW... Make it happen by backing the new Dartmaster3 by funding us.


You will be very pleased to see what we are providing to every crowd fund donor!


All the specifics will be on the crowd funding site very soon.   When the link at the bottom of this page is green.  You will be able to click it and help fund the project while ordering your Dartmaster3.




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